Ikigai has become one of Japan's most misunderstood words and culturally appropriated concepts. It’s not a term from Okinawa. It’s not the Japanese secret to longevity. It's not a Venn diagram showing you how to find your bliss or become a successful entrepreneur. And it’s not the pursuit of a single life purpose.

This evidence-based book clears up these misconceptions and offers an authentic perspective of ikigai in the context of Japanese culture by bringing together insights from Japan’s research pioneer Mieko Kamiya to current day experts and authors.

If the truth matters to you and you are fed up with Western interpretations and romanticised notions of ikigai and Japanese culture in general, then you will appreciate how this book provides an accurate cultural context so that you can apply traditional Japanese wisdom to achieve a life worth living.

"Nicholas’ book made me put into words a lot of wisdom that had been coalescing in my own mind.

There is a key here to developing a life worth living, the Japanese have been doing it for generations and have many words to describe it.

They are also the same people who have extreme social conditions of despair and loneliness. Read this book to find out how you can change your life, the benefits of Ikigai, and why the paradox of purposelessness exists in a society with such a deep and beautiful appreciation of life.

Would love to read more about the specific people and see documentaries about this process. If Nicholas has this as another project for himself I’ll be the first to sign up!.“

Jonathon Harbeck - Verified Amazon Review